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Getting Started

Note: if you are using the older ITCloud.Web.Mvc component, follow the instructions on this page to upgrade your MVC project to use ITCloud.Web.Routing.
  1. Download the ITCloud.Web.Routing.dll assembly or build it from the source.
  2. Add a reference to the assembly in your ASP.NET MVC or WebForms project (see System Requirements section).
  3. Reference the ITCloud.Web.Routing namespace in the source files you are using the Web Routing types:
    • C#: using ITCloud.Web.Routing;
    • VB.NET: Imports ITCloud.Web.Routing


These examples are in C# and assume you have completed all the steps in the Getting Started section.

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janmallari Nov 13, 2012 at 3:47 AM 
Hi. Can you provide a better documentation? I find your assembly useful. I wanna know more about your routing. Thanks! :)